About Feldberg Media GmbH


Feldberg Media GmbH is a media company based in Berlin and Baden-Württemberg. Its first products were produced in 2014 and 2015, and are being released in 2016. In 2016, the company will release the following projects:


Color of Dance

Documentary film shot in India and Germany, following a young dancer from India who travels to Germany in order to fulfill an old promise made to him by the German man who sponsored his dance education. The film will be co-­distributed by 011 Media in New York. To be released Spring of 2016.


Blood in the Daylight 

Paranormal short stories about women who fall in love with vampires. The stories were originally published in New York by 011 Media. The translation was undertaken by Feldberg Media and will be its German language publisher for all three proposed books in the series. To be released in 2016.


Being Frank in Baden

Photo book about the Baden region of Baden-Württemberg. It follows Frank, a man from the region, and showcases the region’s landscape, people and culture. The photo book was co-­‐produced New York based 011 Media and Feldberg Media. To be released Summer of 2017




Contact: For more information email via, info@feldberg-media.de